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  • Susan Troisi says:

    To whom this may concern,
    I got your name from the AKC on facebook. I’m looking for a small sweet female with a gentle temperament. I also had a masked fawn in mind. I’m doing some research now and I want to find the perfect breeder that I can feel confident with adopting a puppy from. I know there are some bad breeders out there, and it is my duty to find a good breeder. Also I do not want to give any money to any puppy mills. It is important for me to know as much as possible, to find out what I can about as many breeders as I can. I am not going to adopt a puppy for another year, because I want to find the perfect breeder that will give me the perfect companion. How long have you been breeding for? Do you own the puppies parents? Thank you for your time,

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